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In early February, Luigi's Pizza owner Giovanni Lanzo severely injured his right arm biceps.  It was a gruesome and painful affair.  

Of the injury Giovanni said, "My biceps shot up to my shoulder. They had to roll it down and retie it to the bone. And now I gotta wait for it to grow back.  The doctor told me not to use my arm for six weeks.  That lasted two days. I came back to work after two days.

"It's gonna slow down the progress of healing, but I can't stay away from pizza making - I'm not used to being away from pizza making."

Giovanni's devotion to his business and to his pizza is integral to the passion and pride he has for his food and for the community of regulars who frequent his pizzeria.  Giovanni seems to know by name nearly every customer, and the topics of the ongoing banter seem virtually unlimited.  

Stop by Luigi's and see for yourself why this sublime neighborhood pizza joint, which was originally opened in 1973 by Giovanni's father (Luigi), could easily be best in the city for slices and socializing.  

Above are two videos showing some of the action in Luigi's the other day.  (Please forgive the shaky camera - I'm new to video!)   

Map Luigi's (call ahead for days/hours).

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