di fara on facebook - gotta love it
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No better way to keep up with Di Fara these days than to be a fan of their Facebook page.  Through it you could have ordered one of their limited run tee shirts, found out when hours would be reduced due to the heat, who's been in lately, and more.  

What's striking to me is the massive amount of love that people have for this well deserving place.  Nowhere could there be a pizza man more devoted to his craft and his fans than Domenico DeMarco.  His support staff, all of whom are his kids, are equally devoted to those things, and to their father.  It is a trek well worth making, regardless of the wait once you're there.  Spend your time watching Dom make these pizzas, one at a time, and don't worry about how long it takes.  Try a regular slice and a square - see which you prefer.

Here are a few recent exchanges from Di Fara's FB page:


July 25, 2010 -

Di Fara Pizza: "is opening today with reduced hours due to the intensity of the heat........"

Arthur Knoqout: "make sure Dom is well hydrated :)"

Jack Naftali: "how come you guys dont buy a new air conditioner?"

Louie Gatanas: "It's not as easy as it sounds, the 900〫oven presents a huge challenge but viable solutions are currently being explored."


July 19, 2010 -

Di Fara Pizza: "was happy to serve pizza to Fonzie yesterday (Henry Winkler)"

Meir Taub: "Did he fix the ol' jukebox?"

Cory Bonfiglio: "EEYYYY!!"

Danny Levy: "How long did he have to wait?? Lol"

Louie Gatanas: "I wonder if there's a similar thread on Fonzie's FB page? 'Aaaayyy, I was at Di Fara yesterday... can you dig it?' :)"

Kevan Given: "I don't know who to be more thrilled for...you for getting to feed Fonzie your great pizza OR Fonzie for getting to eat your great pizza!! Wish it would have been me getting to eat!!!"

Di Fara Pizza: "the fonz took his pizza to go ..hopefully he loved it.  We are open thursday but will begin service at 1 p.m. as we have a very large pizza order..."

Nicole Pauley: "i was standing next to the fonz, and grabbed a pic with him. he was super nice. then i ate my pizza, and forgot i had even met him."


July 16, 2010 -

Cathy Armstrong-Carrabis: "I grew up almost literally in Di Fara Pizza (hmm explains alot now) I have been told that they are coming to Las Vegas.  Any news of were the location is?"

Di Fara Pizza: "Dominick Jr is in the process of a location in the Summerlin area expected to open early 2011 ... other Vegas areas and/or states also included in the project to follow..."

Michigan J. Pickle: "Ohmigosh.  Is my Vegas gf ever gonna plotz when she hears this ...!!!!"

Tom Futey: "Lots of love is waiting in the Cleveland area!"


Lot's of love in NYC too, Tom!  It's so heartening to watch this 74 year old pizza magician make pizzas daily, enthralling nearly all comers, liberally employing expensive ingredients that typical slice joints don't dare to use.   Take the Q train, baby!


Link to Di Fara on Facebook.

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