What is Pizzacentric?

Pizzacentric is a blog founded in 2010 by Michael Berman, a Brooklyn, NY-based photographer. The blog is mainly (but not always) about pizza - thus, it is pizzacentric. On Pizzacentric, there are long stories and short stories, many photos, and some videos. Up until ~2016 nearly every story was written by Michael Berman, and was focused on his connected experiences revolving around pizza. Moving forward from 2017 onward, Pizzacentric will more often feature other people's perspectives on the topic of pizza.


Why does Pizzacentric sometimes take such long breaks between the publication of stories?

Because Michael does other things, and Pizzacentric is a non-commercial non-profit labor of love.


Will Pizzacentric visit my pizzeria and review it? 

Feel free to send Pizzacentric a message through the site's "Contact" page, but in general Pizzacentric does not review pizzerias or restaurants. In the past Pizzacentric did on occasion post a "Quick Rec" story based on a positive pizza experience, but this has always occurred organically and never via a request from a pizzeria to be covered. 

That said, Pizzacentric is always interested in learning about new pizza places where things are done differently - so please email Michael with the 411.


Why has Pizzacentric featured stories about clams, Argentine grill parties, rice balls, and other non-pizza foods?

Michael Berman eats more than just pizza and sometimes was so enthusiastic about certain non-pizza food experiences that he posted about them on Pizzacentric. Michael justifies these posts because the suffix "centric" of "Pizzacentric" allows for the inclusion of non-pizza foods as topics. However, because most people visit Pizzacentric because of the pizza stories, Michael will do his best to stay on pizza-point from 2017 and on.