Quick Rec: Monday, Tony's on Graham

It was the old one-slice-turns-into-two routine today at Tony's on Graham.  I followed up on the plain with a slice of fresh mozzarella. Wilted basil leaves blended with a floating pool of extra virgin olive oil and created a pesto effect ― but sans pesto.  I like!

Based on details I received from food writer Rachel Wharton, I pictured the Tony's guys as old school Brooklyn types.  They pretty much were, although I didn't engage them too much― since it was my first visit.  I noticed they did not pause conversations for customers.  Pretty awesome.  I don't remember exactly exactly how it went, but it was something like this:

Customer: "I'd like a slice of regular and ―"
Counterguy: "[conversation continued, I think it was about the competition pizzeria across the street, brief pause]"
Customer: "and I'll try that thick slice with the eggplant, to ―"
Counterguy: "[conversation continues, oh maybe he's talking on his phone via Bluetooth to someone, not sure about what, brief pause]"
Customer: "to stay."

Counterguy picks up the two slices from display trays, tosses them in the oven to reheat, and continues his conversation.

Excellent slices.  Next time I will pay amore attention to the words from behind the counter.  Future report possible. 

Map Tony's.  Call ahead for days/hours.  Tel. 718-384-TONY.