NY's Best vs. Bravest vs. Finest

Earlier this week I checked out the Patsy's Party, where the Harlem original celebrated 77 years of existence by rolling back prices to 1933.  Nothing on the menu, steak included, was more than 80¢, and as a result, the line was hours long just to get inside.

The highlight however, was the FDNY vs. the NYPD vs. EMS pizza eating contest.  Who could eat the most pizza in 8 minutes?  (Scroll from above picture to see who won!)

But one doesn't need to wait until next year to eat affordably at Patsy's.  A whole pie, at $12 (for eat in) or $11 (for takeaway) is one of the best deals in the city!  With an unbelievable super thin crust and a bright tomato sauce that retains its sweetness thanks to a super quick cooking time (~2 minutes at 900°), this pizza would be a bargain at double the price!

Map Patsy's (call ahead for days/hours)